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Australia’s newest iconic cup deserves a permanent home

 Pitting plumbers and postmen against the game’s fulltime professionals, any club in Australia can enter the FFA Cup and have the chance to progress to face off against teams from the A-League.

The Cup Final on November 7 will be the second biggest event on the Australian Football calendar, surpassed only by the A-League Grand Final.

Yesterday the Round of 32 was announced and with it begins four months of hyperbole about ‘The magic of The Cup’, ‘Fairy-tale runs’ and most of all ‘The road to the Cup Final’.

So what of this fabled road? Where, will we be watching the theatre of the second biggest event on the Australian Football calendar unfold?

English football makes its annual pilgrimage to Wembley, Australian Rules to the MCG.

The journey and the venue are essential threads in the fabric of the competition, as significant to the narrative of the occasion as the final two remaining sides.

And yet our Cup Final venue won’t be decided until just 10 days before the main event.

An annual pilgrimage for the game is both a fans and a marketers dream, not least because it allows tickets and travel packages to be sold year round. It provides the backdrop on which the traditions and mystique of the Cup can be written.

The FFA Cup is the vehicle to finally unite the wide base of the of the Australian football pyramid with the elite top flight, it deserves to be iconic.

Our Cup, and it’s legend, deserve a home.

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